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The Benefits of an Indestructible Piggy Bank

As if fishing all of your money out of those tiny little holes at the bottom of a traditional piggy bank wasn’t hard enough when you wanted to buy something, now they are making indestructible piggy banks to encourage kids to save money while also not being able to take it all out.

These indestructible piggy banks are usually made of steel or metal, and while they seem a tad over the top, they do have various benefits for children. Unlike traditional money boxes that can be opened and closed at will to both put money in and take it out, the ones made of metal are notoriously hard to open.

Handmade metal boxes can be opened with a wielder, which is why you should store paper money somewhere else, or can even have a lock or a puzzle attached to it that can only be opened at a specific time. Still, until you have to open them, piggy banks can be a great way to see what you save.

Seeing the coins and dollars grow inside the bank, or feeling the weight of the bank grow and become heavier over time is a good morale booster and allows people to feel better about saving. Plus, the importance of saving becomes more and more beneficial over time, and a piggy bank is something that will stay with your kids forever.

Once the bank is full and you manage to get the thing open, then the money can be shared, saved, given away, or invested. Then the process starts over again and this enforces the lesson that the more you save, the faster you get to reap the benefits of all that money over time.

indestructible piggy banks

So pick up or build an indestructible piggy bank and then you can teach the value of saving!